10 HACKS / TIPS: WHEN TO HARVEST VEGETABLES (Root Crops) | Vegetable Gardening in Pots

Early Planting for Hearty Trees and Vegetation in January

Weather forecasters are predicting a cooler, wetter January for southern California. This makes for ideal planting conditions for many types of tree, shrub and plant varieties.

Creating A Beautiful Superb Garden Requires The Right Garden or Hydroponic Supplies

Are you planning to start gardening? Having a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants around our homesteads gives our environment an aesthetic value thus, making it a better place to live in. Making the right choice of buying the proven garden supplies will guarantee you a great start.

Gardening in Wintertime

The most keenest of gardeners own up to not sharing much opinion to the garden during wintertime. Though, with some experience and a simple forward preparation it’s not too hard produce a garden that will provide you with something to admire within the winter season.

Tips on Dogscaping Your Yard to Make Your Landscape Safe For Your Pets

Here are some ideas for creating a landscape that is not only safer for the dogs in your life, but is also more functional than traditional landscaping is when it comes to everyday life with your pet. Having a dog does result in some fairly specialized considerations in the garden and landscape.

Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Zoysia Grass

Although Zoysia is a low-maintenance type of grass, it still needs proper care and maintenance to make sure they maintain their appeal and good condition. Below are some useful tips you can follow to maintain your Zoysia grass.

Gardening Activity Slows in December in Southern California, But Still Plenty to Do

Southern California gardeners do not have much daylight in December to work in their yards so they can easily take the month off from garden duties. For those who can’t imagine a day without planting and pruning, there is plenty to keep them busy throughout the month.

Let’s Talk About Garden Gnomes

Wind chimes give our yards and gardens a special ambiance with the wonderful sounds they make whether it is a soft tinkling of inexpensive chimes or the deep soothing musical tones of the big beautiful ones. What better to accompany those great sound makers in your garden than a cute whimsical garden gnome.

Composting: How Hard Can It Be?

Compost has become the mystery of modern gardening. Every gardener or would be gardener knows how valuable compost is and with the concept of value seems to cam the concept of mystery. The idea seems to be, if compost is valuable, making it must be hard and mysterious. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Gardening: Growing Plants From Seed: Keep It Simple

I wonder about growing plants from seed every year, even though I used to start over twelve hundred every year. Still, it is amazing to see them grow and flourish when the seeds are often so tiny. On the other hand, there is a lot that says for us to relax and just plant them and let them grow the way want to grow.

What Is The Difference Between a Frost and a Freeze For Your Garden?

There is a technical difference between a frost and a freeze, or a killing freeze as it’s called in some areas. It has everything to do with the dew point.

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