Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: April Is The Perfect Month to Garden

April offers an ideal gardening climate in Southern California. With hot weather ahead, gardening enthusiasts should take advantage of April’s mild temperatures and longer days.

The 5 Key Elements of Landscape Design

Learn the 5 Key Elements of Landscape Design. These are the essentials that any landscaper must think about and apply to any design. Learn about what will make your Landscape stand out, the overall unity and harmony of the design, how to utilize a focal point correctly, the proportion of the plants and other features within a landscape, the importance of using symmetry and balance correctly and remembering to keep your designs simple.

How to Prepare to Grow a Successful Garden

Gardening can be one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding things you can do. Whether you plan gardening from plant pots or from a raised bed, your greatest challenge can be getting started. Learning how to prepare to grow a successful garden that you can be proud of.

10 Easy Ways to Benefit Your Garden This Easter

With spring in full flow, the daffodils in bloom and blossom beginning to show on the trees, many of us will be looking forward to the warm, sunny haze covering our gardens during the Easter weekend. And the extended break is the perfect time to get out and provide our gardens with the TLC they deserve.

Different Types of Easy to Grow Garden Roses for Your Garden

Garden roses are a mainstay in most gardens and landscapes. They have been staples in gardens for hundreds of years. Enjoyed all over the world, roses are a welcome and beautiful sight. Today, roses are just as desired as they ever have been in typical gardens, but the performance requirements has changed.

Basic Landscape and Garden Design Tips For New Homeowners

As a nursery owner, I get a lot of calls and emails from new homeowners asking me for ideas for their landscapes and gardens. They often feel overwhelmed and often don’t know where to start. Here, we’ll talk about what you need to consider to make your new home your own.

Various Features Of Garden Shrubs That You Need To Know Before Planting Them

Shrubs occupy an important position in the sphere of landscaping, and they are widely used in various areas such as gardens, parks, street borders and commercial landscapes. They are often preferred over other types of plants as they pose less challenge for planting and maintenance, add beauty to a place without being obtrusive and are quite adaptable.

House Plants and How to Enjoy Growing Them

House plants love ’em or hate them – they are valuable assets to your health, help create an interior design theme that says so much about you. So many people are frightened of taking them on concerned that they will instantly die under their care. This article sets out to dispel myths and give helpful tips to make them work for you.

Did You Know About the Types of Soils in Your Lake Bottom?

The quickest and easiest way of getting rid of pond muck is to use a bacterial product called AquaClear Pellets. Applied weekly, they are the most effective solution to get rid of pond muck.

How to Use Greenhouses

Greenhouses have many ways they can be used by gardeners. They are not just for starting seeds or controlling the environment for certain plants to thrive. These structures are much more versatile than this.

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