Grow Bigger, Healthier, Plants and Vegetables

The goal of every gardener is to grow healthier, more productive plants. Beneficial microorganisms will help you grow bigger, healthier plants. This article will show you how to use beneficial microbes, biofertilizers, in your garden.

Gardening Without Pesticides Is Practical

Did you know that pesticides do far more harm than good? My personal experience as a home gardener shows that, even in the face of crop loss, pesticide-free gardening is both practical and effective.

What You Need to Know About Buffering Agents

A buffering agent helps prevent a rapid change in pH of a solution when other substances are added or mixed with the solution. For example, most shampoos are buffered so that they are slightly acidic.

The Interesting Reason Behind the Obnoxious Smell of the Corpse Flower

One of the world’s largest flowers is also one of the world’s stinkiest. Yet, people flock to places where this flower is in bloom. Here is the reason behind it all.

The Advantages of Aquaponics Gardening – Organic Fresh Food

Aquaponics Gardening has many advantages over conventional gardening. It is a combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture to give you the perfect eco system. Good for the environment, it also produces organic fresh food. You can have this everyday if you build your own backyard Aquaponics system. In this article you will learn the advantages of Aquaponics over conventional gardening and why you should choose this method of growing you fruit and vegetables at home.

Keep Gardens Growing During July – Southern California’s Driest Month of the Year

Rainfall has been at a premium in southern California and with July traditionally the driest month of the year, gardeners must take extra care to keep their gardens growing and landscapes looking their best. Deep Water Your Lawn: Some cities have lifted or plan to lift watering restrictions, but many cities still require residents and businesses to water only once or twice a week. A lawn can still stay green with limited watering.

What Is Involved in Gardening Services?

There is always beauty in nature – those fantastic flowers and trees. What is so frustrating sometimes is when you’re far from the beauty of nature. How can gardening services help you?

Reasons to Hire Removalists for Green Waste From Our Garden

For most of us, gardening is a hobby and something that we like performing either for leisure or to keep our homes looking beautiful for ours as well as the lookers’ eyes. It involves taking proper care of the lawn by mowing it well, clearing of the weeds from the flower beds, brushing aside fallen leaves and twigs from the trees and plants that are a part of our garden.

Building Garden Character With Garden Gnomes and Fountains

Some can find relaxation from meditation, massages, reading or sometimes exercising activities. However, I have found it quite relaxing by giving my garden character and personality with garden gnomes and the beautiful sounds of water fountains. The interesting thing about gardening with garden gnomes is that they will never disappoint the atmosphere and they can fit into any garden style and decor.

Starting A Garden In Extreme Summer

If you are a person living in any part of the globe except Antarctica and your area faces drought and scarcity of water, you would baulk at the idea of starting a garden at this time. The extreme heat in climate and shortage of water had even the authorities wondering whether the plants in government-laid gardens would survive. Now, that is the crux of this article? How to save water and start a new garden? It is possible – some sacrifices and smart actions, when made, will help us to start a garden in our home.

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