Select the Right Hedge Trimmer For The Perfect Cut

When it comes to marking boundaries around your home or adding elements of privacy, the hedge is often a firm favourite. Not only do hedges help encourage wildlife to the garden, but they’re often a sturdier alternative to fences.

Basic Care of Bonsai Ginseng

If you ask anyone who has ever had a bonsai, he/she will tell you that taking care of bonsai ginseng can be quite difficult and tedious at times. However, if you love your miniature tree and want it to grow healthy and beautiful, you will have to provide it the right maintenance.

Germs, Dirt and Worms, It’s Good for Kids

Disinfectant is not the answer! The answer is dirt and lots of it!! In this day and age we are bombarded with new ways to kill germs. I am here to tell you, germs are good, dirt is good, and a small dose of both will make your kids stronger and in the process they might find that if they grow something, they might actually want to eat it too.

3 Tips For Having More Tulips Bloom in the Spring

Successful tulip growing tips for beautiful spring blooms. Discover three useful tips for top tulips this season and excellent tulip health for the years ahead. Find out what’s eating your tulips, how to combat common pests that attack tulips and where to grow them in your garden or patio. With hundreds of cultivated varieties of tulips available, and over 75 wild species, tulips are a beautiful bulb to plant in any garden for those who love a daring flash of colour when spring begins.

The Benefits of Amaranth and Why It Should Be Planted in Your Garden

Amaranth is definitely worth reading and getting involved in planting it in your garden. Amaranth is a bushy plant native to South America but is cultivated today around the world for its edible grain and leaves. This little grain is a powerful superfood that is very high in protein and is naturally gluten-free. People are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of Amaranth. Some restaurants are now serving it as a side dish or you now see is showing up in granola bars at your local grocery store. So keep reading about the wonderful benefits of Amaranth and why it should be planted in your garden.

10 Unique Ideas for Garden Gifts

Gardens are a joy, indeed. The fresh air, beautiful flowers and rich foliage provide for a relaxing ambience right in one’s backyard, not to mention that you can get many ideas for unique garden gifts from watching the area alone. Here are a few of these ideas.

Lake Weeds – Everything You Know Is Wrong

Is the problem created by lake weeds giving you a headache? Are you employing the removal/precautionary methods right? Read this article that will explain where to start.

15 Tips to Make Your Greenhouse More Efficient

If you own and operate a greenhouse, the purpose and intent of the structure should be to optimize the growth of your crops in the most efficient manner possible. While it is true that numerous owners place their efforts on which designs are most suitable for their needs and the materials required to accommodate the design that they chose, these areas of focus will not always result in a growth structure that utilizes the least amount of energy. Regardless of design and materials, all greenhouse units will typically serve their unique purpose in creating an optimal growth environment for various…

10 Gardening Mistakes Beginners Can Avoid

Are you thinking about starting a garden? There is a lot to learn to make this venture successful. Question skilled local gardeners and farmers when you want to prevent gardening mistakes. The following tips are based on experience.

Ten Tips for Buying Your First Greenhouse

The introduction of a greenhouse into your garden offers the possibility of year-round gardening for the enthusiast. However, purchasing a greenhouse for the first time is not as straightforward as it may seem. For instance, if you purchase one that does not meet your needs, it may well be impossible to achieve the sort of gardening you are looking for.

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