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Our family is committed to saving on electricity costs and reducing our carbon footprint through solar power. We currently have solar panels on our home which have greatly reduced our monthly electricity expenses. We are happy to be developing a new website offering outdoor lighting fixtures such as deck lights, tiki lights, post lights and pathway lighting. We hope you will take the time to visit our site often as we continue to develop and grow.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree

Most avocado trees are grown in tropical climates, primarily in Mexico (the world’s leading producer of avocado), California, Hawaii, and Florida. California is the number one producer of avocados in the United States, with most of the crop being of the Hass variety. But why not growing an avocado tree at home? It’s easy!

Dried Kelp Benefits in the Vegetable Garden

Gardeners along the coast have long known the benefits of kelp. Because it is rich in nutritional value, kelp offers huge benefits to the home vegetable garden. Kelp benefits plants not only with its nutrients, but benefits plants with its growth hormones, as well. Inland gardeners can apply the benefits of starting their gardens right by including kelp in the form of dried kelp by using it every time they plant any transplant or seed.

Organic Gardening – Helpful Tips For Beginner Gardeners

In this age of global warming of our planet, increasing pollution and fast food, many people no longer are confident of fresh products that are offered as many try to exert some control over what they eat. Similarly, chemicals that have been used for so long within gardens are no longer accepted as the only means of channeling the vicissitudes of nature.

Using Coppicing for Wood Management and Animal Food Production

Have you ever wondered how you can manage your woodlands better? Is there an easy way to replenish the wood sticks for your rocket stove and, at the same time, grow nutritious greens for animal feed? Coppicing may be an excellent solution to reach these simple goals.

Ten Best Tomato Planting Tips for Producing the Healthiest Plants

Are you planning to grow tomatoes in your vegetable garden this year? Half the work is in knowing what and how to plant your tomatoes. Here are ten tips for planting your tomatoes including choosing quality plants, planting in the right location, at the correct depth, and in the right ground. In addition, I will show you what to include and what not to include when planting so that your plants will be the healthiest ever.

Brightening Your House: Different Types Of Indoor Plants

House or indoor plants do not only add color to the room, but they infuse texture and life. They could be used to set the mood of the house. However, you don’t just pick a plant in a store and put it in the room’s corner. You would have to consider your room space, how much time you are willing to spend on caring for the plant, and of course, technical aspects of the room like lighting, temperature and humidity.

Tips for Lawn Care in Winters

Article describes about the tips for the lawn cares in winters. Considering the different climatic conditions and the equipment maintenance go give an landscaping edge.

Diatoomaceous Earth Uses for Garden and Landscape Maintenance

For anyone looking to decrease pesticide use in their landscape and garden, diatomaceous earth (DE) is an excellent alternative. Food grade DE is a common natural substance, easy to use, and is effective in controlling fleas, ticks, chiggers, ants, snails, slugs and other insect pests.

Outdoor Power Equipment Owners: Maintenance Mistakes

Article describes about the maintenance mistakes that generally is made by the outdoor power equipment owners. With respect to different climatic conditions, repair & maintenance of the mower.

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