7 Practical Factors to Contemplate When Buying Your First Garden Urn

Garden urns are great for creating a focal point in your garden. They translate a classic style to any type of garden boasting any variety of plants. They can be used to accomplish this with or without flowers. If you do not plan to put flowers into your garden urn, then you can choose one that is more ornate and has a beautiful design to it.

an extremely gorgeous garden urnKeep in mind that the style of your urn will need to match with the style of your garden. There are urns that are very classic and suited for covered or inside gardens and there are those which are more rustic and are more favored to the outdoors.

1) You should know the purpose that your urn is going to serve. If it will be for purely ornamental purposes and won’t house any flowers it is best to get a bigger piece that will make a greater statement and serve as a wonderful focal point.

2) Know what size urn you can accommodate in your garden. Having an urn that is too large will cause your garden to look cluttered and uninviting.

3) You should know where exactly you are going to put it and if the store you are purchasing from will aid in installing it. These things are usually very heavy so you will need to know who will be installing it before you buy. Otherwise it will stay where the delivery man left it for the rest of its life because you cannot move it.

4) Pick an urn that comes with drainage holes. The ones with no holes will hold water when it rains, and this will harbor mosquitoes as well as other annoying pests.

5) Decide what colors will blend the best with the current colors in your garden. Although you want your urn to be a standard set by itself, you do not want a focal point that detracts from everything else.

6) The type of material that your urn will be made from. This will depend on the type of flower pots and garden pots that you already have if any. You want your entire garden theme to be cohesive, from color coordination to materials of flower pots.

7) Know what you can get within your budget. Do your research before going to the store so you know what you can afford. This will eliminate the wasting of your time and will help avoid embarrassing situations.

You may be able to think of other things you need to think about when choosing your garden urn. The more things you get checked out before going urn hunting the better and more fulfilling your experience will be.

Remember to choose an urn that fits the style of your garden, the flowers that can be found in your garden and the amount of space you have in your garden. A huge urn in a small space will appear overwhelming and cumbersome. Happy garden urn hunting!

Stuart Jones

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