How to Bring New Life to Your Garden by Installing a Gazebo

The garden is an important part of your house to be enjoyed by all of the family. A gazebo can bring new life to a garden that has been neglected for a very reasonable cost.

stunning garden gazebo

An affordable gazebo kit can be found for only a few thousand dollars or, for the adventurous gardener, the gazebo is relatively easy to build with many, easy to follow, designs and plans available.

For those looking for luxury there is plenty to choose from, gazebo heaters are a popular luxury item that makes it available in colder weather or cooler evenings. A useful addition to any garden the gazebo can be considered a utility or an enhancement, with a wide variety of uses it can soon become a popular area for quiet relaxation or lively patio games under shelter.

For those who live in an area where gnats and flies can be a problem a screened gazebo can offer the whole family protection from these annoying little creatures. Screened gazebos also give privacy, useful if you have a garden overlooked by neighbors or if you want a handy changing area.

Many garden designers have started to incorporate hot tubs into the gazebo often with three sides screened which adds privacy while allowing for a view across your garden – superb for romantic evenings.

Gazebo Design Considerations

A patio gazebo can utilize an unused corner of the patio to great benefit to the family. They are available in a number of different styles and sizes, each using a broad variety of materials. Many landscape gardeners choose to design the new building in a style to match the garden and the house whereas other chooses to make a design statement.

If you have chosen to have screens it is important that you are aware of the surroundings. If you have a central gazebo with lots of space around it then this will prove less problematic than one in an enclosed corner with restricted access. For such a screen which slides open will prove most useful than ones which swing open. Some screens are permanent while others can be removed when the need arises, further extending the gazebo’s usability.

If you live in an area which suffers from high winds it is extremely important that you ensure your gazebo is suitable. It may be necessary to have concrete foundations to which you can fix your gazebo, screens may catch the wind more than an open design and those with a thin metal frame may even become distorted, wrought iron may be a more suitable material in such situations.

A good idea is to take a look around your local neighborhood and see how others have their gazebo’s, but better still employ the services of a professional. The roof of your gazebo can be of various materials and each with their own benefits. A canvas roof offers lightweight protection; it is easily replaced if damaged and is considerably cheaper than some other options.

Such a roof offers protection from rain and can also provide excellent shade from the strongest sun. On the other hand clear polymer roofs offer no shade but do have other benefits, on a less sunny day a clear roof can give the impression of more sun!

It is possible to use a specially designed polymer which can filter the harmful rays from the sun with the best offering up to 92% protection from UV (ultra-violet) light. With the increases in the occurrence of skin cancer, it is important to consider this option if you plan to spend extended periods of time in your gazebo, especially if you will be in your bikini.

An unusual, but increasingly popular, roofing material is thatch; a thatched gazebo can look absolutely wonderful in a matured garden surrounded by overhanging trees and beautifully scented roses. Thatched gazebos can be more expensive than others but, in the right location, it can add so much to a garden that it is well worth it.

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