How to Irrigate a Garden

A lack of water can cause problems for your plants and crops, so adequate watering is an essential part of their care. Here are a few useful tips that will save you time and help to ensure you have a beautiful and healthy garden.

The Importance of Garden Hedges

Garden hedges can mark boundaries, protect a plot from damaging winds, add structure to a garden, afford privacy, deter intruders and provide a haven for wildlife. The investment in a hedge can pay dividends in the years to follow.

What to Grow in Spring

Are you still wondering what to grow in spring? You’d better hurry up and take your pick with some helpful information. Get a fine advice and enjoy a great garden this summer.

How to Grow Your Own Food With Backyard Gardening

Learn to grow food with simple, easy and fun backyard gardening. Following the article and it’s resources, you can grow all your food at home.

3 Benefits From Using Containers in Your Backyard Garden

There are three main ways to create a backyard garden. The first and most common is using a raised bed, usually made of cedar or redwood. Another is planting your garden within your existing garden, mingling plantings of lettuces and berries, for instance, among your shrubs and flowers. The third and most versatile way is using containers or pots.

8 Tips For the Backyard Gardening Beginner

So, you want to start your own backyard garden, but have no idea what to do. Don’t worry; your backyard will look like it belongs on the cover of Sunset magazine in no time at all.

Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way

You are maintaining a kitchen garden with a number of interesting vegetables but somehow the related yield is not at par with your expectations. So what can you do in such a circumstance? You need to take expert help and choose the right garden fertilizer that promotes plant growth and associated productivity.

Marvelous Mint – Planting, Harvesting, and Usage

Mint or Mentha is much more than a plant grown to brew tea. The aromatic fresh green leaves can be used in the kitchen or for medicinal purposes. Find out how to plant, harvest, and use mint.

Hummingbird Friendly Gardens

Hummingbird friendly gardens are not only attractive to hummingbirds, but butterflies as well! An attractive, colorful garden of tubular flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long.

Why Garden Pruning Should Be Done in Early Spring

While it’s a good idea to prepare the soil of your garden early in the spring, you may need to take care of the perennial plants just as much. Besides the harvest you can get with organic farming and the aesthetics that flower carpets bring, you certainly need to focus on trees, shrubs and many other lasting plants just as early as the first days of the upcoming warm season. In spring, the garden is a feast of blossom, so make sure that it happens to you – with timely pruning.

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