The American Elm Tree, The Tree of the Future

Gardeners are the caretakers of the past and the guardians of the future. Please do your part by making sure this beautiful tree is here for generations to come.

The Future of Gardening Is In Your Hands

The future of gardening lies within the younger generation. Teaching your children the joys of gardening is beneficial both to them and to the future.

Gardening Outdoors

Are you looking for a great outdoor activity this Spring and Summer? If so, you should consider gardening. Many people find it very rewarding, relaxing and even fulfilling as an activity. I have listed some of the benefits to outdoor gardening in this article.

Creating A Bog Garden for An Accent in Your Garden

Creating a Bog Garden is a little more involved than sticking some plants that love moisture into a soggy part of your yard. It takes some planning, some planning, and some hard work.

Have You Tried African Daisy in Your Flower Borders?

If you haven’t tried African Daisy in your borders, you’re missing out on one of the most delicately beautiful daisies in existence. This article tells you what they love and what they don’t; how to plant; the best variety; what conditions get the longest bloom; and a little secret you may not otherwise know until you grow them.

Rearranging Your Garden

All the gardens reach a point where they need a little renovation. Renovation is a huge work. It requires a lot of new ideas, time, and knowledge. Most of the people want to rearrange their garden to be more beautiful and more comfortable. Some people want to install a pond or a swimming pool.

Growing Lettuce – Plan for a Continual Supply in Your Garden

Growing lettuce is easy. But the secret to having lettuce continually through fall, winter, spring and almost all of the summer is continual planning, planting, and variety.

Caring for Conservatory Plants

People are sometimes unsure what plants are suitable for a conservatory and whether conservatory plants are going to need a lot of extra care. Most plants will be perfectly happy in your conservatory as long as you make a few simple allowances. Plants need plenty of light but be careful of positioning them where they are going to get direct sunlight, especially in summer. Blinds are great at helping to shade plants although if your conservatory faces east or north, this may not be necessary.

Best Plants to Start Growing Your Own Fruit

Everyone knows the health benefits of fruit in the diet together with the ever popular idea of growing your own fruit or vegetables. But what fruits can be grown if you don’t have a garden space?

Building a Slant-Roof Shed – Plan And Set Up A Wooden Shed The DIY Way

If you want to make a slant roof shed and don’t know how then the following steps shall guide you all the way. First, learn about your local zoning laws and find out if there are any restrictions or code requirements for storage buildings. Plan the width and length of the project and decide how you want the slant roof attached to the shed.

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