Thai Basil Growing Tips

Thai basil is by far a favorite of gardeners everywhere. Colorful, fragrant, tasty and ornamental, they add much to your tastiest dishes and the beauty of your garden, alike. Learn how to grow, harvest and use this herb in your own garden.

Mike’s Secret Potting Soil Recipe

A good potting soil recipe and a good building building recipe are interchangeable. A good potting soil recipe is an absolute must. You can’t fool around and get a potting soil recipe wrong. A poor potting soil recipe will stall, if not completely kill the plants that you are attempting to grow in it.

Turn One Rose Bush Into Many Rose Bushes!

You are going to love this article on how to grow roses from cuttings. This is a really simple process that works and takes all the mystery out of rose propagation.

Gardening in February – Preparing For Spring

Many amateur gardeners see the winter as a time to take respite from their garden, away from the cold and wet weather that freezes our hands and damages our plants. After all, what is the point in spending our time and efforts in the garden if Jack Frost is going to take it all away in one harsh, cold night? In actuality, gardening in winter is crucial if you want to keep your garden healthy throughout the year.

Growing Japanese Maples From Seed

Although Japanese maples thrive best in zones 5-9, they can be successfully grown in colder climates. An established Japanese maple can withstand temperatures down to zero degrees Fahrenheit on exposed parts. The roots can withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Bad Soil The Answer To Your Gardening Failures?

Bad soil is the natural enemy of any healthy garden. Many areas of the United States suffer from poor soil conditions, making it a challenge for gardeners to produce healthy and thriving plants that can survive difficult climates.

March Means Spring Planting Season Begins in Southern California

March 20th is the first day of spring, but southern California gardeners can start planting their spring garden earlier in the month as warmer weather and longer days take hold. Prep Soil in Raised Garden Planters: The success of vegetables grown in raised garden planters has much to do with soil than almost anything else. Look for soil blends made specifically for planters, usually a blend of compost and peat moss rich in organic nutrients.

Potting Your Tomatoes? Pot Your Peppers Instead

For green-thumbed gardening pros and novices alike, there’s always more to discover when it comes to growing your own veggies. Read about the types of plants you should be potting, and how you can grow a variety of peppers and tomatoes to last you all year!

The Science Behind A Hybrid Seed

To date, nearly 99 percent of corn grown in the U.S. comes from hybrid seed. The history and science of hybrid seed date back to the early 1900s.

Caring for Cacti – A Short Guide

Cacti are unusual and popular plants used for home decoration and landscaping. Many people are so captivated by these succulents, they have large collections. Cacti are not your usual house plants and although they are hardy, they prefer special treatment. This is a quick and brief guide to cacti where you will find how to care for them, what soil to use and where to plant cacti.

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