Ladybug House for Garden

ladybug house for gardenContrary to popular belief, there are actually some beneficial bugs that are a welcome addition to any garden, like ladybugs for instance. Having ladybugs in the garden can be both beneficial to the environment. So to keep them around, you should get a good quality ladybug house for garden.

Also don’t forget, ladybugs can add a touch of bright color to your green garden space. Adding an army of these beneficial bugs can help your garden grow and produce without nasty pesticides that could be harmful to you AND your produce (more on that later).

By the way, here’s a real splendid ladybug house for garden

gardirect insect hotel

This adorable ladybug house is a great addition to any garden space. Adding some black outdoor paint dots and a few plastic flowers to it can further enhance its visual charm for people.

Ladybugs release a strong pheromone that will attract other ladybugs to the area, so the more you can do to get them gathered in one area, the better off you are. Dedicating a spot in the garden where ladybugs can congregate and live will not only bring in more ladybugs, but will also help to keep them from flying away.

Don’t like the above ladybug house? Okay then, feel free to also check out other designs shown below. They all look almost alike though with the exception of the Wooden Insect Hotel by Gardirect.

Wooden Insect House by Niteangel

niteangel's insect house

This wooden insect house is nicely crafted out of fir wood that’s weather resistant, and its natural finish also looks fairly good. The whole thing looks pretty cutesy overall, but in essence it really isn’t much to look at.

Niteangel’s is a decently constructed unit that will be thoroughly enjoyed by helpful garden bugs, and gardeners who like cutesy garden ornamentals. Overall, this is a solid addition to an impressive lineup of insect houses by Niteangel.

Insect Hotel for Beneficial Bugs by Beaks And Paws

beaks and paws insect hotel

If you’re familiar with Beaks And Paws’s home and garden products, then you’ll know that they churn out mostly decent quality stuff. Pretty much all of their products I purchased in the past (bought 5 so far and one of which is the amazing natural wood hamster toy) are satisfactory and this “insect hotel” is no different.

The insect hotel is a good house for those beneficial garden creatures, which makes it easy to recommend. If you don’t pick this up, you will miss out big time. Also don’t forget, the ladybugs will hate you for it and there’s a very good chance that they will decimate your garden!

I’m just kidding. Of course you won’t be missing much and the ladybugs won’t plan an offensive assault on your garden either. However, this is a well detailed, perfectly crafted insect house and unfortunately at this time, there aren’t that many good insect houses to choose from on the market.

Bees & Ladybirds Log Cabin by Gardirect

ladybirds mini log cabin

Wow, a ladybug’s home has probably never looked better. A bigger cabin would have been great, but the designers at Gardirect have been a bit creative and added a “WELCOME” sign on the front along with attractive shrubbery decor.

The craft, construction and design are wonderful but what I like most about the cabin is how easy it is to hang it virtually anywhere in my garden. Gardeners who appreciate a superbly crafted and functional ladybug house should be all over this.

While not exclusively a garden ornament, this cabin should appeal to folks who like decorating their garden with cute and fun looking decors. It looks great on display and looks even better when decorated with a bunch of mini wooden ladybugs stickers like the ones below.

wooden ladybug stickers

14-1757 Wooden Chalet Bee and Ladybug House by Tierra Garden

bee and ladybug house

The 14-1757  is another proud addition to Tierra Garden’s product line. Featuring a simple design along with well-built construction of bamboo and natural fir, the bug house is functional but looks rather plain.

Those looking for an unflashy dwelling for the ladybugs  should feel comfortable picking up this unit. It may not drag too many garden ornamental collectors, but it does work and affordable if nothing else.

More on Ladybugs – One of the Prettiest Beneficial Garden Bugs Out There!

First of all, are ladybugs poisonous? Nope, not at all. They do have a yellowish colored blood that they secrete to ward off predators, but it’s harmless to humans. It also acts as a pheromone that attracts other ladybugs.

Did you know?

A single ladybug can munch up to FIFTY aphids a day!

Ladybugs In The Garden – Getting ladybugs to STAY there

Yes, ladybugs are great for gardens, but they DO have wings and can easily fly away, right? Here are a couple of tips to getting ladybugs to stay in your garden:

*Water: Ladybugs do drink water, so it’s important for them to have a regular water supply.

*Food Source: Ladybugs eat aphids and other scale-sized bugs. Without a food source readily available for them, they WILL fly away in search of food.

*Night Release: Because it’s more difficult for ladybugs to fly in cooler temperatures, it’s best to release them at night, when it’s cooler. The longer they stay in the area and investigate it for food and water, the more likely they are to stay.

Also, did you know?

Painting flower pots red with black dots like a ladybug will trick harmful bugs and help to keep them away from your plants and flowers.

Mites, Aphids, and other Soft bodied Insects Are Chows for the Ladybugs!

a ladybug hanging around in my gardenOf course we’ve all seen friendly the cute little red and black bugs, either crawling around or flittering about in the air. Most of us have taken a moment to stop and look them over and think they are kind of neat.

I’ve even seen a Volkswagen or two painted up like the insect. But there is more to the cute little bug than being adorable. Now, the commonly approved method for a home garden owner to control his pest problem is the use of chemicals.

As of late, more folks are becoming environmentally friendly and as such, looking for other ways to deal with common pests like spider mites and aphids and whatnot. You certainly could employ the likes of the Trichogramma Wasp or other foul sounding insect and get a good result, but most folks dislike such insects so enter the ladybug!

The Lady Bugs is in fact a Ladybird Beetle and has a wonderful appetite for such things as mites, aphids, whiteflies, chinch bugs and many other soft-bodied insects but it doesn’t stop there.

The ladybug also enjoys munching away at the un-hatched eggs that stop future generations of the pests before they begin.

There are more than one species of Ladybirds

Actually, there are well over one hundred of them. They can be purchased at many garden centers and are simply released into the garden where they do the magic they do. You can even buy a massive bunch of them at Amazon.

How much can one little LadyBug possible eat?

The answer to that may be quite surprising to you. Well not really, since you’ve probably read “did you know” section earlier, right? Anyhow, they can consume as many as five thousand aphids over its lifespan. It goes like this; a fully mature bug will lay up to four dozen eggs per day.

Once these eggs hatch, the larvae will each consume somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty aphids a day until such time as they reach maturity somewhere around twenty one days later.

At that point, each of those females begins laying another four dozen or so eggs and we are off and running again. You get the picture; sort a renewable way to remove the unwanted pests from your precious garden. Not exactly something a pesticide can do.

Plus, pesticide needs re-application at regular intervals. So you will spend more time working in your garden removing pests, rather than walking through enjoying your garden as you will by putting the bugs to work for you.

So the bottom line here is that there are a number of ways you can rid your loving garden of the many forms of pests that try and destroy it. Chemicals, picking them off by hand, or utilizing the help of some of the beneficial insects like our ladybug buddies.

I think that as you look over the many options available, you will agree that this cute bug is the option that makes the most sense. They do a great job, they do not hurt the environment, they are safe to and for humans and, maybe most importantly, to put it in the form of an overused euphemism, they are cute as a bug!!!

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