Rare & Exotic Plant Flowers After 11 Years || Monocarpic Furcraea parmentieri

The Ruby Falls Redbud

The Ruby Falls Redbud is a perfect tree for a small garden or a garden feature plant for you or your favorite gardener. This new variety is an exciting new cross between the weeping green “Covey” and the “Forest Pansy” Redbud.

How to Care for a Juniper Bonsai

This article is about how to care for a Juniper bonsai, one of the most common bonsai for beginners. It covers location, watering, basic pruning and training, and fertilizing.

Companion Planting of Iris and Daylilies

When thinking of a companion plant for your iris garden, give daylilies some consideration. If you love iris and plant nothing but iris, you really have nothing to show but dead foliage after the month of blooming. Iris are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but you need something besides just iris growing in your garden.

The Origin or Orchids

This article is about the origin of orchids, one of the most exotic plants in the world. They are twice as many orchid species on Earth than bird species, and four times more than mammals. Use this article to inform reads about the wonders of Orchids!

Best Indoor Grow Lights For Orchids

LED Indoor grow lighting will provide significant savings. In addition, LED lights are environmentally friendly.

The Art of Pruning – The Basics

There are many reasons why one needs to prune. Pruning keeps the plants within their bounds and promotes stronger stems. It removes damaged or diseased stems and it encourages flower growth. It also is used to train plants into a desired shape

African Violets – How to Care for This Popular Flowering Indoor Plant

Under the right conditions, African violets bloom nearly all year round. They thrive in temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. In the summer, your violet will enjoy a westerly or southerly window but in winter they may need a little extra light.

Container Gardening – How to Brighten Up the Paved Courtyard

Never let it be said that container gardens are second best to those gardens on the soil. They may be labor intensive but being as rich and extravagant as your pocket will allow is their reward. Containers solve many problems for would-be gardeners

Reducing Florescence Size – Making Crape Myrtle Flowers In Scale For Bonsai

The Secret on how to dwarf the florescence of a crape myrtle. At least it’s not a deliberate secret, but it hasn’t been talked about much. The tactic is how to reduce the scale and size of the overall flower mass (the florescence). With these techniques, you can dwarf – and make into small scale – even those crape myrtles with the largest florescences.

How to Grow a Bonsai From Seed

This article is a front to back guide to growing a bonsai from seed. It covers everything from purchasing the best seed to watching for growth.

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