Except Gardening Accessories, Which Factors Influence Your Garden?

The gardener should educate himself about gardening. Nature is always mysterious to mankind. It has great impact on the garden. A little idea of nature helps a lot in gardening. Some factors which play vital roles in gardening are soil, environment (including climate and weather), types of plants etc. These all are integral parts of nature. Apart from these, choice of plants, pots and containers along with other gardening tools have impact on a garden.

Plant Smart in April For Maximum Results In Your Garden

With rainfall totals below average in southern California, April is the time to plant smart while saving water in spring and summer. Add Mulch To Reduce Water Usage: The cost of water is on the rise and watering restrictions are still in place. Adding mulch to your yard can mean significant water savings.

Gardening Recommendations Before the Summer Season

Gardening is a hobby that calls for special techniques and skills. Being equipped with this arsenal of skills and techniques is vital to maintain a green garden, healthy, especially through summer – the hottest and driest season of the year. As the temperature rises before and through summer, cleaning the garden will help to ensure you have a beautifully maintained garden.

Cultivate Cranberries

Add these goodness-packed little gems to your fruit garden with expert advice, and enjoy bountiful harvests in autumn. Referred to by the Native Americans as ‘Sassamanesh’, ‘ibimi’ or ‘ataqua’, the cranberry derived its name from the German and Dutch settlers who noted the similarity of the flower structure to that of the crane, a bird they were familiar with from their native lands.

Upcycling In 2016

Upcycling has really exploded in popularity over the past few years. In this article, I explain some of the creative ways you can upcycle old materials.

Flowering Plants That Attract Butterflies

In this article, I want to talk about plants, but not all kinds. I want to mention some in particular that every outdoor lover enjoys. These plants bring about not only beauty, but also a sincere meaning behind them. They come in different types and in an array colors. I’m talking about the ones that attract butterflies to them. Truly, flowering plants and butterflies are made for each other.

All About Composting

In order to avoid purchasing expensive humus or substratum for flowers or great harvest, residents of villages or garden communities can make valuable compost from garden waste. Once the waste is put in the pile, the right temperature and amount of oxygen and humidity, green mass disintegrates thanks to the micro organisms. Adding additional mineral fertilizer results in valuable compost, which is perfect for flowers and vegetables. But in order to make the most out of compost, you need to know a few things first.

Beat the Summer Heat by Planting Vegetables and Flowers in May

Summer is almost upon us. May is when to plant vegetables and flowers so they are well established before summer heat takes hold.

Elegant Azaleas – Stunning Impact in Your Garden

Elegant azaleas can add a stunning impact in your garden. I have a faint pink azalea with darker markings on the petal edges that is gorgeous with prolific blooms from the bottom of the plant to the end of every branch. I bought this evergreen azalea last spring and transplanted it this winter into a larger container where it busted out in a plethora of new growth filled with blossoms for the spring fashion show, the only thing missing is fragrance. The good news: azaleas can bloom for several weeks.

Why Tree Pruning Or Lopping Is Best Done In Winter

Winter is the perfect time of year to prune your trees. This is because trees are dormant and changes you make to them will be slowly introduced to the tree as it “wakes up” coming back into spring.

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