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What Darwin Taught Us About Orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful, elegant, and plentiful flowering species in the world. There are over 20,000 species of Orchids officially recognized today. To put that into prospective, that means that we have four times more Orchid species on earth than we do known mammal species. That’s a whole lot of species for a plant that you don’t see all that often. This article will explain how we got to this point through a book that the great evolutionist Charles Darwin published in 1862.

Pros and Cons of Organic Gardening for Beginners

Want to start your own organic garden? Learn about the pros and cons before you start your gardening adventure.

The History of Orchids in Ancient Greece

Orchids are one of the two most common species in the world. There are over 25000 Orchids species, or twice as many as there are bird species. Orchids are so common because of their amazing ability adapt and overcome climate change. You can find Orchids on all continents of the earth and just about any climate you can think of. Orchids have been on this earth since the dinosaurs roamed the earth because they can evolve to become stronger when they are struggling.

Motion Activated Sprinklers

It’s no secret that cats are not the greatest water fans. So if you’d like to prevent the kitty from entering your garden, water really should be among the first items under consideration. Motion activated sprinklers are the most effective choice for pretty much all garden pests.

3 Ways to Prepare the Soil for Organic Gardening

Are you starting your own garden? Use these three methods to prepare high-quality soil for an organic garden.

How Should You Decorate Your Garden?

With the summer months fast approaching, it is time to take a look at how your can decorate your garden so that you can spend a lot more time out there. When the hot months arrive, people spend more and more time in their garden and they appreciate the fact that they can spend as much time as they want out there. Sometimes, for people who haven’t take the time to make their garden look nice, they will feel trapped inside their house and they might not want to go out there in the summer

Astro Turf – The Most Effective Putting Green These Days

Maintaining natural grass is not as easy as it sounds. The Astro turf or the artificial grass is the most widely used alternative. Artificial grass is as attractive as the natural ones regardless of whether it is being used in a big stadium or at home.

Play Safe by Safety Surfacing the Kids Playground

You can’t do without safety surfacing your playground. The surface of the playground that is present around play equipment such as swings and slides need to be made childproof as kids are more prone to injury in these areas.

Care of Roses: What Should I Be Doing for My Rose Garden in Spring?

The rose. What flower has inspired more poetry or more romance,? There is good reason why roses are everybody’s favorite flower.

Aquaponics – Why Is It Important To Us?

It is now very possible to build a natural environment that could sustain both fish as well as vegetation, and many individuals are able to do this successfully. Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture wherein plants and fish are cultivated together in a controlled environment to take full advantage of the use of energy and nutrients to grow food. And since aquatic animals and plants have naturally mutual relationships; it is possible to do so. Aquaponics is a process of growing plants with nutrient rich water that is perfect for them to flourish even without soil.

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