All You Need to Know About Green Waste and Its Disposal

Living in urban areas has become synonymous with tall concrete buildings where there is a lack of greenery but there are places where people have their house with a sprawling garden to add to the beauty. Urban areas with gardens involve attention from the owners as there are several elements that you have to attend to.

Types of Flowers To Add Colour to Your Garden

Flowers can add colour to your garden and make it more inviting. It is something that most people want, but they are not too sure about the types of flowers to add to their garden. In certain cases, where water shortages are in place or people are too busy to maintain their gardens, it may be necessary to look for flowers that require little water.

Decorating Your Garden: Romantic Ideas

If you are a couple living together then a time may come when you are so comfortable together that you forget about romance. Well, keeping the love burning and the romance going is essential for any committed relationship. If you have a garden then you can make use of it by adding some romance and surprises for your loved one.

Four Major Benefits to Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

As home is a place that we spend most of our leisure time, therefore making it a relaxing and enjoyable place is paramount. For those who have a garden and like to experience some of the pleasures of the outdoors whilst indoors, adding a conservatory or an orangery to your property is a great idea.

What Is the Difference Between a Conservatory and an Orangery?

For many people who enjoy looking at their gardens and the outdoors from the shelter and warmth of the indoors, a conservatory or an orangery can be the ideal extension to the home. Many people are confused, however, about the difference between these two structures which seem to have a lot of similarities.

10 Reasons for Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing vegetables in the backyard is making a comeback. Here are just ten of the many reasons that you too should grow your own vegetable garden.

Organic Vegetable Gardener’s 10 Commandments for the Sustainability

Developing a sustainable food supply is the goal of many people, and you don’t have to look any farther than your own backyard to find a place to get started. Although it may seem impossible to do all at once, by following these ten rules, you can have a safe reliable harvest. Thou shalt eat what you grow and grow what you eat Always plant what your family will actually eat and not what you think they should eat.

Secret for Growing Lots of Healthy Tomatoes or How Rowena Knows How to Use Marigolds

My mother, Rowena Bordelon, was born in 1923 on a tiny farm outside a tiny village called Mansura, Louisiana. She learned how to do all kinds of things on that farm from her mother and father. They ate what they grew on that farm and sold the rest to buy what they couldn’t grow. The farmers of that time knew all types of tricks and practices to produce wonderful crops of corn, beans, and sugar cane. But they also learn a secret passed down from old on how to product fantastically, healthy tomatoes and other garden crops for the table.

What Plants Can I Grow With Aquaponics?

For those who are interested in gardening and want to explore the different ways of growing plants, aquaponics is a method that deserves some strong consideration. Growing your own vegetables is a way to maintain the quality and safety of your food and may save you some money in the long run.

Plants That Will Feed Your Chickens For Free

Feeding your chickens a harvest from the landscape and reasonable space you already have. So how do you do it? What should you grow? Here is our list of fruiting plants that will feed your chickens for free.

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