What Is Soft Landscaping? Do You Know?

Soft Landscaping? A new fad in the garden industry or a time-honoured management and planning of non construction elements in your garden. There is nothing new to soft landscaping, But by telling people about this less than notorious side of garden industry may open peoples eyes to possibilities

The Top 10 Methods of Algae Control in Ponds: Method 6 Is Most Effective

If you are the owner of any pond or lakefront property, you must be aware of the menace created by algae in the pond. This article lists the top 10 algae control methods that will help in complete removal.

Getting to Know Cold Frame Greenhouses

Cold frame greenhouses are special types of greenhouses that are made with natural and built-in heating systems from the heat of the sun. This type of greenhouse is made especially to help protect plants from harsh and cold weather. This type of greenhouse is basically made out of an enclosure with a translucent covering that is built very near to the ground.

How to Plan a Roof Terrace Garden

A roof terrace can provide a wonderful, restful space for sitting out in. There are a few important points to remember to ensure such a garden can be constructed safely and successfully.

Plenty of Planting to Do in May

Plant heating-loving flowers and vegetables in May so they are in full bloom and producing in summer. Plant From Seed: There is still time to plant vegetables from seed that thrive in summer sun. These include corn, onions, peppers, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, melons and squash.

How to Create a Roof Terrace Garden

Roof gardens can provide an oasis of calm and tranquillity in a city when space is at a premium. Choosing plants that will do well in such a lofty position will ensure the creation of a beautiful, healthy garden.

The Main Uses of Log Cabins

If you want to find an ideal place to store all your gardening tools or to have a place to spend more time with your family in your garden then building a log cabin is a perfect decision. People want to have a place with a high-quality furniture, amazing design, and great atmosphere. Today log cabins are sturdy, durable, warm, long-lasting, beautiful, cheap, and you can even build it from a plan that you buy.

Planning Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

So you are ready to start a backyard garden? It’s an exciting prospect; fresh, organic vegetables to feed your family from your own backyard! A backyard garden can be a great way to grow your own healthy vegetables and save money in the process. Having a successful and bountiful backyard garden does require some planning before you get started. Where will you put your garden? Raised beds or no? What are the soil requirements? How about keeping out local wildlife and insects? How should you set up your backyard garden? These are a few questions that we will answer today.

Container Gardening Potpourri

I am a container gardening novice but I am an avid believer in the idea. What better way to get children to love fresh vegetables than letting them pick a container in a favorite color, helping them mix in good soil, and then encouraging a cautious sprinkling of seeds. Water, wait, and eat!

How to Design a Winter Garden

If you firstly design a garden to be attractive in winter before thinking about adding summer planting, you will ensure an all-year-round garden outside your windows. Winter need not be a totally bleak season in your garden.

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