What Happened to those Orchid Gifts from Friends || Angraecum, Coelogyne, Cattleya Update

Kill Weeds Organically – 2 Successful Methods

Organic gardeners do not use toxic sprays to protect their plants and avoid the use of commercial weed killers unless they are formulated for organic gardening. Many use home made solutions. The two easiest of these are vinegar and boiling water.

Hydroponic Gardening: How to Avoid Nutrient Deficiencies in Your Plants

Perhaps there is nothing worse to a hydroponic grower than to step in his garden and see yellow, curled edges, and burnt tips on plan leaves. These are the signs that the plants aren’t getting the right amount of nutrients they require for survival.

Garden Design for Chalk Gardens – Finding Plants That Will Thrive on Chalk

Garden Design for Chalk Soils – Alkaline soil is common across Britain, especially in areas like the South Downs, and is mainly derived from limestone or chalk, so the soil is known as chalky. It generally has a pH factor of 7.1 or above.

Garden Design for Dry Shady Gardens Plus Tips for Dry Shady Planting

Garden Design for Dry and Shady Gardens. Don’t despair as there are lots of wonderful ways you can transform dry and shady garden spaces.

Grow Crisp Green Peas in 3 Easy Steps

Growing tasty green peas requires only a small amount of work. Prepare the ground and make sure you have chosen a place that has good drainage. Then provide support for the plants. Once the seeds have been planted there is a small amount of maintenance work – watering and keeping pests, such as slugs and snails, at bay. Peas need regular watering but take care that the ground does not become soggy. A mulch would help to retain moisture.

Heirloom Tomatoes From Seed: How to Choose a Variety

When choosing heirloom tomato seeds to grow there are a number of factors to take into consideration. If your summer is short then the time the tomatoes take to mature is an important factor. You also need to consider where you want to grow them and whether a determinate or an indeterminate growth pattern is more suitable. To help you make the best choices you may also want to consider the size, shape, texture and colour of the fruit you require.

5 Reasons To Choose Heirloom Tomato Seeds

If you decide to grow tomatoes from seed there are many reasons for choosing heirloom rather than hybrid varieties. Heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) cultivars that have been grown by families for many generations. There is a much greater range in shape, size, colour and flavour and many people consider them to be more nutritious.

Natural Neem Oil Insecticide Is Non-Toxic to Pets

Neem products are manufactured from extracts from the Neem tree, which is native to India. They are non-toxic in the recommended low concentration and are safe and effective if used correctly. Neem oil is an excellent insecticide for organic gardeners to use to protect their plants. Used correctly it won’t harm household pets.

Arborists and Why You Need to Hire Them

The overall care and maintenance of your garden can be quite essential to increase the appeal and attractiveness of the house, but as your plants grow bigger their care can become difficult and at times dangerous also. We tend to underestimate the risk of injury and damage that is posed by the sudden collapse of a tree branch even from a relatively short height.

Sow Carrots, A Rainbow Of Colour

Carrots are available in red, yellow, white and purple colours as well as orange. A mixture of colours adds interest to a carrot dish at meal time. Specific growing requirements for carrots are few and they are easy for the home gardener to provide. Once the seeds are sown they need minimal care apart from watering.

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